The Dental Implant Experts Partners With Local San Diego Dentists

The Dental Implant Experts have some of the most experienced Dental Implant specialists in San Diego. This collection of talent and expertise has led to us getting a slew of referrals from local San Diego general dentistry dentists to perform dental implants or the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure.

San Diego General Dentists can refer patients to the dental implant experts

Many dentists classify themselves as "general dentists". A general dentist is similar to a primary care physician in that they do not have a speciality but mainly try to address patients general such as cavities and gum disease. If a pressing issue, such as a missing or damaged tooth, develops then the general dentist will refer the patient to a specialists. The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego are lucky enough to have several dental implant specialists under open roof, we are a perfect place for general dentists to refer patients with missing or damaged teeth. 

The Dental Implant Experts San Diego Patient Protection Guarantee

The Dental Implant Experts take referral patients from other San Diego general dentists. If you have a patient that needs dental implants or the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure to replace a missing or damaged tooth or missing or damaged teeth, contact the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego. 

While sometimes general dentists need to refer a patient to a specialist, that doesn't mean they refer patients worry-free. One concern when referring patients is that the specialists will steal the referred patient to use them as the primary dentist. This underhanded poaching of patients is not how we go about things at the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego. Our objective is to give patients a beautiful and full smile with Dental Implants or the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge, not steal patients. That is why we offer a "Patient Protection Guarantee" that if you refer a patient to us for dental implants we will make no attempt to take any of your business. That is how we build a partnership with local San Diego dentists. 

We Work With San Diego Dentists to meet the patients needs

The Dental Implant Experts work with local San Diego dentists to make everyone's lives easier. We offer a trusted partner and confident that you can faithfully refer patients to. When you refer patients to the Dental Implant Experts, we not only guarantee your patients will get exemplary work done to replace missing or damaged teeth, we also will make sure your patients return to you happy!

Contact the san diego dental implant experts to refer a patient

If you are a local San Diego general dentist with a patient who needs dental implants or the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure, contact the Dental Implant Experts today!

Patient Referral Forms for the dental implant experts san diego

If you want to refer a patient to the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego, we want to make it easy! That is why we have all of the referral forms you need for a variety of different ailments.