Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure vs Dentures

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Losing your teeth is tough. There is something that is so vexing about permanently losing a part of your body. The teeth are gone and they are never going to come back. For far too long, the only option to turn to if you lost a significant amount of teeth was dentures. With this decision comes all of the pitfalls that come with dentures, and that is where Hybrid4 Fixed Bridges comes in. To help you see the obvious benefits, we compare Hybrid4 fixed teeth with classic dentures.

Eating Food with Dentures VS. Hybrid4 Fixed BridGE Solution 

Eating is one of the few things on this planet that most humans have in common. We eat for sustenance, we eat for pleasure, we eat socially and we eat privately. With that in mind, it is important to see how dentures and Hybrid4 change the way we eat.

Eating Food with Dentures

With dentures, meals can be a challenge. A 2015 U.S. Oral Care Survey (Biting Into Denture Care) revealed that 54% of respondents say their number one concern relating to dentures is getting food caught in or under their dentures. This can lead to those wearing dentures avoiding foods like corn on the cob, nuts or apples to try to make sure no food gets caught. Besides avoiding foods for aesthetic reasons, dentures also limit what foods you are allowed to eat. Tough foods (such as raw vegetable and nuts), sticky foods (such as gum and taffy) and hot liquids (such as tea or soup) are likely off limits if you wear dentures. 

Eating Food with Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge

Immediately after the procedure, it is best to avoid tough or sticky foods to allow the dental implants to fuse with your jawbone. After that, it is open season. Nothing is off limits. The world is your oyster and you have pearls of food to consume left and right. Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution has a firmer base and is a more permanent solution, meaning all of your options are open!

Socializing with Dentures vs. Hybrid4 Fixed BridgE Solution

Humans need to interact with other humans. That is not some kind of far off philosophy espoused by some wild-haired extremist. This is pretty much a scientific fact. With that in mind it is important to investigate how dentures and Hybrid4 dental implants impact a patients ability to socialize.

Socializing with Dentures

One of the keys to wanting to get out there and meet new people is to be comfortable in your own skin. If you are frequently feeling self-conscious, it is hard to really bond with people and have fun. With dentures, you can often feel unsure about the way the dentures look to the people around you. People with dentures can sometime keep the dentures a secret to friends and family because they are embarrassed. Others are so ashamed of the dentures that they refrain from smiling! In the aforementioned Oral Car Survey, 20% of the respondents said that they do not smile in social situations to attempt to hide their dentures. A final issue can be dentures falling out. Talk about embarrassing!

Socializing with Hybrid4 Dental Implants

Hybrid4 dental implants are constantly hiding in plain sight; if someone does not point it out to you, chances are you will not notice it. Hybrid4 looks and feels exactly like real teeth, so much so that in side-by-side comparisons it is hard to tell who has Hybrid4 versus real teeth! All of the anxiety that dentures cause is alleviated with Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge. Plus, you never have to worry about Hybrid4 fixed teeth falling out because they are bonded to your mouth.

Care and MAINTENANCE of Dentures vs. Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution

We all live busy lives. With time at a premium it is important to minimize distractions and tasks that take up precious moments of the day. That is why it is essential to investigate the needed care and maintenance for both dentures and Hybrid4. When every minute counts, taking the time to properly care for dentures or Hybrid4 may mean you have to sacrifice something else that is important to you.

Care and Maintenance of Dentures

The amount of care needed to keep your dentures in good condition sounds tiring. It is an extensive list, so we will try to be brief. First of all, after every meal you need to rinse of the dentures to get out any particles or crumbs of food. Also, anytime you remove your dentures, it is suggested to clean your mouth thoroughly. Each night, you need to soak the dentures to make sure they remain moist and keep the correct shape. This is just a grab bag of the type of maintenance needed to keep your dentures in great shape.

Care and Maintenance of Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution

Brush your new set of teeth. Floss them. Visit the dentist regularly. As noted philosopher and poet Porky Pig once stated, "That's all folks".