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The Dental Implant experts provide HYBRID4 Fixed Bridge procedure to replace dentures or missing teeth with a full and complete smile, secured to only 4 dental implants. Get a bright and beautiful new smile from the Dental Implant Experts HYBRID4 Fixed Bridge Procedure.

It is time for dentures to go the way of the dinosaur, especially when the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution exists. Hybrid4 implants is an easy way to get a new and sparkling smile in one simple procedure. Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge connects a complete bridge to only four dental implants, allowing for a full set of highly functional teeth that allow for much more versatile option then dentures.

Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution is a revolutionary new procedure that allows those missing several teeth to get a full smile in one day! Get all of your questions answered about Hybrid4.

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Nobody likes dentures. They are hard to keep looking great, can fall out, and don't look natural. A Hybrid4 fixed bridge feels, looks, and chews just like natural teeth and need little extra maintenance.

Hybrid4 Vs Dentures

Meet the Dental Implant Experts! Our team of dentists have the training and experience needed to get any Hybrid4 procedure done correctly. Come to our San Diego office today!

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