Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution Frequently Asked questions

Hybrid4 dental implants are a great and easy way to get a dazzling new smile in just one day. If you are missing several teeth Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge is the perfect alternative to Dentures, as they stay in your mouth permanently and look, feel and chew just like real teeth! We are sure you have some questions, so we had our Dental Implant Experts answer some frequently asked questions.

Questions before the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure

What is the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure?

The Dental Implant Experts in Rancho Bernardo offer Hybrid4 permanent dentures. We have the best San Diego Hybrid4 dental implants.

Some of the best innovations come from seeing an existing problem and fixing it. Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge is no exception. Dentists and scientists saw the hassle and embarrassment that came with using dentures and realized there had to be a better way. Enter Hybrid4. Hybrid4 fixed bridge is a way to replace several missing and damaged teeth with relatively few dental implants. The name is derived from the fact that you can get a full arch of replacement teeth with only four implants.

How Do Hybrid4 Dental Implants Work?

Hybrid4 is very similar to normal dental implants, only on a larger scale. Your Dental Implant Expert will fuse a metal tooth root to your jawbone to act as the base of the eventual replacement tooth. They will do this four times per arch. Over time, the root will fuse with the jawbone, and at this point the permanent replacement teeth are installed. A full arch of fully functioning and realistic looking and feeling teeth will be connected to the four dental implants, creating a beautiful and full set of teeth.

Do I Need Hybrid4 Fixed Teeth?

Hybrid4 fixed teeth are offered exclusively for people who have enough damaged or missing teeth that replacing the full arch is the best option. If you have only one or two missing or damaged teeth, then it is probably a better idea to just get those teeth fixed on an individual basis with standard dental implants. You may also need Hybrid4 if you currently use dentures and are dissatisfied with all of the drawbacks that come with them.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Hybrid4 Dental Implants?

The most important part of being a quality candidate for Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution is having healthy gums and a healthy jawbone. If you have poor oral health, you may not be able to support Hybrid dental implants and issues will spring up down the road. Also, it is essential to be a non-smoker and in relatively good health, as a few ailments (cancer, alcoholism, uncontrolled diabetes) make Hybrid4 very difficult. To be a good Hybrid4 candidate, you also must be dedicated to maintaining oral health, because if you do not floss or brush regularly the procedure may not go well.

The Dental Implant Experts offer the Hybrid4 fixed bridge procedure so you can get a full smile. 

Questions During the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure

How Long Does the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution Take?

We have another name for the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure here at the Dental Implant Experts' office. We call it "Teeth in a Day". That is because we are dedicated to making sure patients are in and out of the office with a full set of Hybrid4 fixed bridge in just one day. No returning to the office the next morning, no hassle, no problems. We estimate that Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure should take about 2.5 hours per full arch.

Does the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure Hurt?

During the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure you will not feel a thing in most cases. The Dental Implant Experts use sedation dentistry to put you into a state of nirvana, and we don't mean we will be playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on repeat! You will be relaxed and comfortable, drifting in and out of sleep, and unable to feel anything that occurs. While you are not "put under" using general anesthesia, after the procedure you will not remember a thing. Sedation dentistry is a safe and efficient way to make Hybrid4 pain-free and keep your mind at ease.

Questions after the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure

Do I Leave the Hybrid4 Procedure with My New Set of Teeth?

Not quite. When you walk out of the Dental Implant Experts office in San Diego you will have a set of teeth attached to the four dental implants, however this is not your final set of teeth. Now don't misunderstand, the teeth you leave with aren't anything to scoff at. The temporary teeth are fully functional and look great. However, we need to wait for the implants to fuse fully with your jawbone before we attach the permanent teeth. Once we do so, you have your new set of teeth for life!

Are There Food Limitations with Hybrid4 Fixed Teeth?

Immediately after the procedure and the weeks following, we strongly suggest that you try to avoid overly chewy or tough foods. The dental implants holding the replacement arch need time to fully fuse the bone to make sure the teeth look and feel great in the long run. However, after approximately 6 to 8 weeks, you should be able to eat anything and everything without any limitations.

How Long Will My Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Last?

Like anything, it all depends on your upkeep. If take great care of your Hybrid4 dental implants (more on that below) and see your dentist regularly, you should have a complete set of beaming teeth for the rest of your life! Special cases do pop up and this is by no means a lifetime guarantee, but with proper maintenance this procedure should last several decades. 

Do Hybrid4 Dental Implants Require Special Care?

Depends on what you mean by special. If by "special" you mean anything different then normal teeth, then no! Make sure to brush and floss regularly, see your dentist every six months, and swiftly address any issues that present themselves. Basically, just treat your new set of teeth exactly like a real set of teeth and you should be ready to go!