Meet San Diego Dental Implant Expert Dr. Thomas Gonzales

Dr. Thomas Gonzales is one of the resident dental implant specialists at The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego and is ready to make your smile whole again by replacing missing or damaged teeth. Dr. Gonzales has performed hundreds of dental implant procedures and brings with him the requisite training and experience to replace your missing or damaged teeth with top of the line dental implants.

Dr. Gonzales & the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge tooth replacement proceudre

Dr. Gonzales also had a crucial role in the development and implementation of the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure, a revolutionary new procedure to replace dentures with a permanent set of teeth. Hybrid4 Dental Implants means no more messing with annoying dentures and instead find a solution that looks and feels just like real teeth. Dr. Gonzales worked tirelessly to get this procedure perfected, which is indicative of the approach he takes to patients.

Dr. Gonzales specializes in making san diego dental patients happy!

Dr. Gonzales does whatever it takes to that his patients walk away from each and every visit happy. That can sometimes be something as simple as exchanging a smile with a patient when they enter a room to performing complex procedures to meet their dental needs.

The Dental Implant Experts only have the very best dental implant specialists, and Dr. Thomas Gonzales is a shining example. His expertise, knowledge, and personality are second to none! If you want to meet with Dr. Gonzales to schedule a dental implant or Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge consultation, call or email The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego today!