Dr. Eric Driver is a San Diego dental Implant Expert

The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego are very picky when it comes to adding staff to our office. I mean, when the name of your business is "Dental Implant Experts", it is unacceptable to just hire any scrub that walks up with a resume. We have a thorough hiring and vetting process to make sure each and every dentist lives up to the "Expert" label, and Dr. Eric Driver is no exception.

Dr. Eric Driver is one of the top dental Implant specialists in San Diego

Dr. Eric Driver is an incredible dentist and dental surgeon, with years of experience and study put to go use. He is one of the top dental implant specialists in San Diego, with years of dental implant procedures under his belt. What really sets Dr. Eric Driver apart is the way he connects with patients. He has incredible patience and communication skills, enabling him to easily and efficiently explain procedures to patients.

video of san diego Dental Implant Specialists Dr. Eric Driver 

Learn about Dr. Eric Driver, one of the specialists at The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego. Dr. Driver has a military background that provided invaluable experience for his future in dentistry. He is a skilled surgeon who over time has found his niche with dental implants and the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure. Check out this short video from the Dental Implant Experts about what makes Dr. Eric Driver so special.