dental implants are far superior to dentures for replacing teeth

At this point, if you have dentures to replace missing teeth, you are basically using the flip phone of dentistry. You are typing on a computer from 1975 that is the size of a living room. You are driving a horse and carriage instead of cruising in a Mustang. You are living in the past. It is time to ditch the dentures and the other antiquated technology in your life for the future. It is time to get dental implants from the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego to replace missing teeth and damaged teeth.

Replace Dentures with dental implants in San Diego

Dentures have too many issues to list. They can fall out, they need to be cleaned in painstaking fashion, they have food restrictions and they just plain old do not look good. For years, dentures were the only way to replace a set of teeth in your mouth if you wanted to be able to chew, eat and smile with teeth. However, those days are long past us. Now, we have amazing dental implants as well as the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure. These procedures allow you to no longer have to wear annoying dentures, instead having realistic and simple dental implants that are -permanently fixed to your jawbone. If you are still wearing dentures, there is a better way!

Come to the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego for Denture replacement

At the Dental Implant Experts office in San Diego, we are always on the cutting edge of the newest dental technology. We travel across the globe to attend dental seminars, do independent research, and consult experts in search of the latest and greatest technology. Our relentless search for knowledge has led us to Dental Implants and the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge to replace missing or damaged teeth. In this short video, Dr. Eric Driver from the Dental Implant Experts explains why Dental Implants and the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure are far better than dentures for replacing a set of teeth.