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San Diego Dental Implant FAQ | Dental Implant Experts

The San Diego Dental Implant Experts answer FAQs about dental implants. We answer how long dental implants take, if you qualify for dental implants and more.


San Diego Dental Implant FAQ | Dental Implant Experts

The San Diego Dental Implant Experts answer FAQs about dental implants. We answer how long dental implants take, if you qualify for dental implants and more.

Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

The dental implant experts in San Diego offer dental implants for those with missing or damaged teeth.

Let's get the basics out of the way first- dental implants are the best way to replace damaged, missing or cracked teeth. However, we realize for those not familiar with dental implants, it can all seem a bit daunting. With that in mind, the Dental Implant Experts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about dental implants.

Questions Before the Dental Implant Procedure

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants replace damaged or missing teeth with an artificial tooth root connected to a replacement tooth. This metal base is fused directly to the bone, making dental implants a permanent solution to replace a damaged or missing tooth. The replacement tooth looks, feels, and chews just like a real tooth.

How do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant works by fusing the crown and tooth to the root and base of the tooth. The Dental Implant Experts are the best at Dental Implants in San Diego.

The Dental Implant Experts will place a dental implant surgically into the jawbone and over time the implant will fuse with the bone to form a base for the replacement tooth. After the bone and implant have bonded, a Dental Implant Expert will place a small connector on top of the implant that will attach to the replacement tooth. Once that is complete, you have a beautiful new tooth that makes your smile whole again.

Do I Need Dental Implants?

Good question! In fact, this is such a good question that we decided to dedicate a bit more real estate to providing a full and comprehensive answer on the page Do I Need Dental Implants.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to be able to safely and securely get dental implants, you need to have a track record of good oral health. The most important thing is having enough bones in your mouth and jaw and gums to support the dental implant. If you suffer from severe gum disease or bone loss in your mouth, dental implants may not be the best solution for you. Other ailments and diseases may hinder your ability to get dental implants, such as uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, alcoholism and smoking. Make sure to let your dental implant expert know your full medical history.

Questions During the Dental Implant Procedure

How Long Does Dental Implant Surgery Take?

Like most procedures, the amount of time it will take to complete a dental implant procedure can vary depending on the complexity of the work needed. For simple and straightforward dental implants, you can be in and out of the Dental Implant Experts' office in as little as an hour. If the procedure requires more attention, it can take a few hours. However, regardless of how complicated a dental implant surgery may be, it will still only be a one day procedure.

The Dental Implant Experts in Rancho Bernardo are the best at dental implants in San Diego. If you have missing or damaged teeth or a tooth come to our office.

Does the Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

Pain threshold varies significantly from person to person, so this is a tough question to answer, but we will give it our best shot. The Dental Implant Experts use sedation dentistry, which is a technique to help patients keep their mind at ease during a dental implant procedure. Unlike general anesthesia, patients are not "put under" with sedation dentistry, but rather put in to a deep state of relaxation. The patient will be conscious, drifting in and out of sleep, but unable to feel pain. A sedation dentistry expert will be constantly adjusting the level of sedation to make sure your mind and body are perfectly at ease for the duration of the dental implant procedure.

Questions after the dental implant procedure

Do Some People's Bodies Reject Dental Implants?

In very rare cases, a patient's body can reject a dental implant. Some people have an unknown titanium allergy and the titanium in the dental implant can cause some health issues. Another possible instance of the body rejecting a dental implant is if the implant does not fuse properly to the bone. In either case, the Dental Implant Experts will immediately remove the implant, let the area heal, then put in a news implant that will not cause any issues.

Will I Be Able to Eat Regularly After I Get My Dental Implants?

In the long run, yes. However, directly after the procedure it is probably best to stick to a modified diet and avoid chewy or tough foods for a couple of weeks. Once everything is set and healed, you should be able to eat anything and everything you want without restrictions. It probably isn't a good idea to try opening bottles with your teeth or anything, but the dental implant should act and function as a normal tooth. 

How Long Will My Dental Implant Last?

Like a normal tooth, how long your dental implants last depends on how you treat them. If you take care of your oral health, eat a balanced diet, and avoid gum disease there is no reason why a dental implant shouldn't last for several decades. We have seen dental implants last over 40 years before! However, if you avoid brushing and flossing, issues might spring up.

Do Dental Implants Require Special Care and Maintenance?

Dental Implants require the same amount of special care that teeth do. You have to brush them twice a day, floss daily and make sure to visit your dentist twice a year. An important thing to pay attention to is gum health. If you have issues with your gums, it makes you much more likely to lose a dental implant.


Do I Need Dental Implants? San Diego Dental Implant Experts

Come to the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego for dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. We answer the question "Do I need Dental Implants?"

Do I Need Dental Implants? San Diego Dental Implant Experts

Come to the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego for dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. We answer the question "Do I need Dental Implants?"

Do I need Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are the best way to make your smile whole again, replacing a damaged or missing tooth with a life-like replacement. Dental Implants look, feel and chew just like a normal tooth, and shortly after the procedure you will forget the dental implant is even there! If you suffer from any of the following afflictions, contact the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego for a Dental Implant. 

Town Center Dentistry in San Diego offers dental implants for those who have missing or damaged teeth. Come to our Rancho Bernardo offices to meet with the Dental Implant Experts

Dental Implants for Missing a Tooth or Teeth

Missing a Tooth or Teeth From Trauma

Life can come at you quick, and sometimes the tricky travails we must traverse have sudden and unforeseen consequence. You are out playing basketball with friends, and an unexpected elbow suddenly unveils a vexing void where your front tooth used to reside. You are taking a bike ride to the beach when a bump in the boulevard suddenly introduces you face first to the unwelcoming embrace of hard concrete. You are taking a jovial jaunt down the block when your foot catches on a crack. These kind of traumatic events can suddenly carve an unwelcome chasm right in the middle of your bright and beautiful smile, and the Dental Implant Experts can get your grin glowing again.

Missing a Tooth or Teeth From Dental Disease

Trauma is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to lose teeth, but in reality gum disease is the most common cause of missing teeth. Periodontal disease is an infection of the areas around a tooth, leading to bone loss and eventually losing the tooth itself. If this is the case, it is essential to not only replace the missing tooth with a dental implant, but also to repair the damaged and infected gum and tissue to make sure the periodontal disease does not spread further. The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego are unique in that they have dentists who specialize in both gum disease and dental implants right on site. If you suffer from periodontal disease and need a dental implant, the Dental Implant Experts are the place to go.

Missing a Tooth or Teeth from Congenital Absence

Sometimes, a missing tooth can occur because of genetics. It is not uncommon to have a congenital absence, which means that after someone loses a baby tooth no adult tooth popped up in its place. This occurs through no fault of the patient but can be swiftly remedied with some help from the Dental Implant Experts.  

Dental implants for Damaged Tooth or Teeth

The Dental Implant Experts offer dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth in San Diego.

Our teeth are pretty tough cookies, but sometimes issues crop up that cause irrevocable damage to the tooth and make it impossible to save. A damaged tooth usually makes its presence know, combining blinding pain and sensitivity with some visual signs of damage. A variety of issues can damage your tooth to the point of no return, and at this point it will have to be pulled. Once the tooth is pulled, the Dental Implant Experts will have a bright and shiny replacement dental implant ready to go!

Dental implants for Chipped Tooth or Teeth

If you live an active lifestyle, a chipped tooth can sometimes be worn as a badge of honor. Each small chip tells a story of how you battled the odds and emerged a (relatively) unscathed champion. In theory that is all well and good, but then it comes time to smile for a picture. Suddenly, you find yourself embarrassed to show off a mouth full of teeth with more chips in it then a bag of Lays. If that is the case, the Dental Implant Experts have the experience, equipment and enthusiasm you need eradicate any and all chips in your teeth.


Why Do You Need Dental Implants in San Diego?

Dental Implants replace missing or damaged teeth & complete your smile. The San Diego Dental Implant Experts explain why dental implants are the way to go.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants in San Diego?

Dental Implants replace missing or damaged teeth & complete your smile. The San Diego Dental Implant Experts explain why dental implants are the way to go.

Why Should I Replace mIssing or damaged teeth with dental implants?

Replace missing teeth with dental implants

You lost a tooth. It is not a big deal. Where there once was a tooth, there is now a chasm of nothingness. Brush it off, and go along living your life, right?


If you have missing or damaged teeth, it is important to replace them with dental implants. The Dental Implant Experts can provide top of the line Dental Implants or a Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge, but first we will break down why you should replace missing or damaged teeth.

Having a missing tooth is dangerous for your oral health

We will get to the aesthetics of a missing tooth in a bit. First, it is important to address the health concerns having a missing or damaged tooth brings about.

Missing teeth can damaged the structure of your teeth

Your teeth all work in unison to make keep a healthy structure to your mouth. Like the foundation of a home, one single crack can put the whole thing put of whack. Teeth lean on each other in a collaborative effort to keep a healthy structure, but a missing or weak and damaged tooth can cause the whole paradigm to shift. This can cause the entire structure to shift.

A damaged tooth can result in a poorly aligned bite

Missing teeth can cause more dental issues in San Diego.

As mentioned above, missing teeth can cause the whole structure of your bite to shift. This shift can then result in a misaligned bite. A misaligned bite puts the rest of your teeth at risk of fracturing because the pressure is not adequately distributed. It also can lead to pain, difficulty chewing and headaches.

A missing tooth can cause damage to your jawbone if it isn't replaced

A little known fact is that the jawbone is strengthened by the roots of the teeth it holds, in an interesting symbiotic relationship. If you lose a tooth, that section of the jawbone may deteriorate over time because of the missing tooth. This deterioration over time can actually lead to a collapsing effect on that side of your face. Trust us, you don't want that!

Smiling has health benefits you may miss if you are missing teeth

Like it our not, if you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth you may be reluctant to shine your pearly whites with a big smile. Smiling is an essential part of being healthy and happy, and you may miss out if you have damaged or missing teeth. Here are some of the benefits of smiling.

Benefits of smiling in San Diego

Smiling will make you happier and in a better mood

The simple act of smiling can actually lift your mood! Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin into your brain, bringing an elevated mood even if you are not truly happy and the smile is fake.

Smiling makes you more attractive to strangers and friends

Like it or not, first impressions are often based on the aesthetics of a person. Even if you are the kindest person on the planet, if you are walking around and not smiling people may be hesitant to engage you in conversation. Smiling is a way to portray warmth, friendliness and attractiveness with a simple upturn of your lips.

Smiling helps fight diseases and strengthens your immune system

Stress has been shown to have hazardous effects on the health of human beings. The constant feelings of stress can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to disease. That is where smiling comes in. Smiling has been shown in studies to reduce the level of cortisol in your body, which helps you relax and find comfort. This helps alleviate stress and strengthens the immune system.

Smiling helps you live s longer and healthier life

A recent study suggested that people who smile regularly live on average seven additional years. That makes it simple- smiling helps you live a longer and healthier life! 

Replace your missing teeth & damaged teeth with dental implants

Add it all together and the result is simple. If you have missing or damaged teeth, you should contact the Dental Implant Experts in San Diego to get a permanent solution. Not only will it make you look more physically attractive, but it also carries a bunch of health benefits!