The Dangers of Traveling Abroad for Dental WORK

It is human nature to always try to find the best deal. Nobody likes feeling like they have overpaid, and that leads to a relentless search to save as much money as possible. For many dental patients in San Diego, that means traveling abroad to get Hybrid4 or Dental Implants. While we understand trying to save a few dollars, we cannot recommend traveling abroad for dental work for a variety of reasons.

Dental Practices Are Not as Closely Regulated abroad

When you come to The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego, you know what you are getting. All of our dentists are certified and approved to practice dentistry in the state of California. They have undergone a litany of tests and classes in order to have the privilege of calling themselves a dentist. The same is not always the case abroad.

If you go abroad there is no way to know for sure the level of training a dentist has gone through. Not only are dental regulations much more laid back across the border, but fraud is much more common as well. If you want to make sure only certified experts are working on your mouth and teeth, you need to stay in the United States and go to The Dental Implant Experts. 

Dental Practices are not as Safe Abroad

The safety of going to a dentist abroad is directly correlated to the aforementioned lack of regulation. If it is easier to get certified as a practicing dentist, that means less qualified specialists are going to be working on your mouth. This can lead to mistakes that will cause permanent damage or injury to your mouth and teeth. There also may be issues with the sedative, chemicals, and equipment abroad that can lead to serious injury. Choose the safe route and stay in San Diego for dental work.

Dentists abroad cannot be held as accountable for errors

If you go abroad for a dental implant or Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure, you may have trouble holding a dentist accountable. If you have a procedure and a few weeks later something goes wrong, who do you turn to? Do you trust a dentist in another country to invite you back in to the office free of charge? The Dental Implant Experts in San Diego stand by our work, and if you have any kind of complication come in to our office and we are happy to rectify the issue.