According to a survey done by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, approximately 10% of American adults between the ages of 50 and 64 have no remaining permanent teeth.

As dentists, we find that number sad, especially given that a number of factors leading to tooth loss actually can be helped. These include: a diet high in sugary or acidic foods; poor dental hygiene; and irregular visits to the dentist.

At Dental Implant Experts, while we do mourn all those lost teeth, we’re also grateful that we get to be a part of the solution for people whose missing or damaged teeth have caused a loss of self-confidence, difficulty with eating, or the diminishment of life’s pleasures.

With Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution we can’t bring back lost teeth, but we can help restore radiant smiles.

What is Hybrid4 and how does it work?

Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Solution is an innovative procedure that allows us to replace several missing or damaged teeth with a full arch of functioning teeth, using just four dental implants. And we can do it in a single day!  

The Hybrid4 surgery takes approximately 2.5 hours per arch. During the procedure, our highly experienced implant specialists extract damaged teeth and place four high-quality titanium implants. These implants fuse to the jawbone and act as the base for replacement teeth, holding them securely in place.

When it’s all said and done, Hybrid4 patients live a life free from the embarrassment of missing teeth or the slippage of dentures.

In other words, Hybrid4 is:

  • A radiant smile

  • The pleasure of delicious food

  • Hearty, uninhibited laughter

  • Restored confidence

Sounds good, right? Read on!

Prior to your Hybrid4 procedure

During your Hybrid4 consultation, one of our Dental Implant Experts will sit down with you to gather information and plan for the details of your procedure. We will determine the length and position of your new teeth, how much lip and facial structure you’ll need, and so on.  At this time, we’ll also answer any questions you may still have. It’s important to us that you feel prepared, comfortable, and enthusiastic about this wonderful gift you’re giving to yourself.  

The day of your Hybrid4 procedure

On the day of your procedure, our support staff will help you get comfortable, and our world-class sedation dentistry specialists will prepare you for the surgery. Sedation dentistry allows us to monitor and adjust the level of sedation to keep you pain-free and relaxed while we do the tooth extractions and place your implants. During your Hybrid4 procedure, you will be conscious but drifting in and out.

When you “come to,” you will have a new, full set of teeth!  At first, these will be temporary teeth affixed to your implants but they’ll be fully functional.

Postoperative care

You shouldn’t have more than a few days of mild postoperative discomfort. Be sure to follow all post-operative care instructions in order to minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of complications.

Once you’ve healed up from the procedure, you’ll be able to eat, smile, and laugh with pleasure. You’ll want to be careful not to eat tough or excessively chewy food for a few weeks, but otherwise, you’ll be able to start functioning normally with your new teeth.

After your bone cells have had a couple of months to graft to your implants, locking them in place, you’ll come back to us, and we’ll replace your temporary teeth with permanent ones that are a bit more durable and fit more snugly against your healed gums.  

And voila!

Hybrid4 will not only give you a fully functioning set of teeth that allows you to smile freely, but it will also restore your facial and muscle tone and prevent future bone deterioration in your jaw.  

With a proper oral care routine (brush, floss, visit the dentist), your new implants can last as long as 40 years!

Schedule a consultation with Dental Implant Experts today to determine if Hybrid4 is right for you.