What are the Benefits of the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure?

At this point you are likely aware that the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Tooth Replacement procedure is the best way to replace multiple missing teeth. However, you may not be sure of why Hybrid4 is so much better then other tooth replacement options, both permanently and temporary.

The hybrid 4 Fixed bridge procedure provides new teeth in a day

Your time is valuable. You have family, friends, a job, hobbies, and more to worry about each and every day. You have chores and errands to run, meals to make and eat, and much much more. So you cannot afford to be shuttling back and forth to the dentist every couple of days. You, like most people of this generation, want results now! That is why Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure is such an effective option. We provide a full set of teeth in just one day! While you will still most definitely need follow up appointments, you leave the day of your procedure with a full set of fully functioning teeth.

Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Benefits video with dr. thomas gonzales

The Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure is the best way to make your smile whole, using revolutionary techniques to get a full fixed bridge of teeth secured in your mouth using only 4 dental implants. The fact that it only takes a day is just one advantage. Dr. Gonzales breaks down all of the benefits of the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure, and the mental, physical and emotional boost having a full set of functioning teeth can have.